Bioregulatory Medicine and Nutritional Support for Weight Management and Better Health

At our health center, our doctors combine bioregulatory medicine and nutritional guidance to obtain optimal health in our patients receiving physical medicine. Our patients are taken through health surveys and undergo specific blood and urine test, as well as hair analysis to determine any underlying toxicity, enzyme, vitamins and mineral defits. Once the culprit deficiency is exposed, our health team designs individualized bioregulatory medicine plans to bring about balance and regulation of body organ functions to restore health naturally. Our doctors use proven safe homeopathic and Chinese medicinal formulas, as well as naturopathic remedies for our patients.

For Weight management, our doctors determine your Basal Metabolic Rate,total body fat and muscle mass, as well as water compartment levels with Bioimpedance Analysis, thereby establishing a patient standard in his or her metabolic rate, and then goes about to plan an exercise and weight loss plan to obtain the best results.