Ceasar J.
I returned! Great environment, very knowledgeable staff. This isn’t one of those 5min in and outs. I will recommend family and friends here.

John P.
This chiropractor diagnosis first then his team goes to work to massage and physio. Simply the best Therese is. You want regret it.

Its D.
As I explained to the chiropractor. He was actually the first Chiropractor, who actually had a real, healing, chiropractic system. It’s not an In-Out burger establishment like the others. Over the years. I’ve experienced several chiropractors in the Coachella valley; Mr Cazares has actually: stuck to the real/advanced fundamentals of Chiropractics and procedures. Let me give you some genuine advice folks. He’s the real deal! and the staff is phenomenally, bright, young and very updates in Chiropractics.

Ran M.
I’ve had three sessions so far and I already feel better. I came here post pregnancy for lower back pain and sciatica issues. The pain has subsided due to the care from the chiropractor assistants and the chiropractor. The assistant carefully apply massage and some electronic wave pulses which relax your muscles; making the adjustments that much smoother. I love it here! Everyone is friendly and they really care.

Sonia S.
First of all, this is not your typical chiropractor. This is so much more! I have several years of back issues stemming from an injury when I was 13. I’m now 32. I’ve traveled the country and visited other chiros, and none of them can compare to Dr. Cazares. One thing I looked forward to from my return back to the desert was visiting him to get my back to feeling good again! You can expect to spend 2-3 hours for your 1st visit. Dr. Cazares will do an evaluation which is very thorough. He listens!! And he comprehends what you’re saying. Then you’ll visit his staff for electro stimulation, a DEEP tissue massage, and then the Dr. will see you again for his adjustments. I also got to lay on the spinal decompression table. Amazing!!! Everyone here is fabulous! Customer service is top notch. They explain everything to you before they do it. They’re friendly, professional, caring and the staff has been with this Dr for a long time. Just that alone should say a lot! And…I should add..it will not break the bank to come visit this doctor!!! So glad I found this gem. I was referred to him many years ago. I hope never retires.

Brandon S.
This is the first and only Chiropractor I will ever go to. Family business, 5 star service. So relaxed like your in your own home….then Boom! Snap, crackle, pop!!!

Francisco M.
Im a firm believer of chiropactic care. For years I had neck and low back pain. As well as, I have flat feet which made it difficult to walk or run. When the Dr. Cazares explained with detail the issue, I was shocked. many of these issues came from poor eating, lack of exercise and most importantly state of mental stability. Of course, when your body is misalingned you system loses its structure and stamina therefore like a vehicle you can’t run. Thw knowledge he instruct to make these changes, changed my life. He’s doesn’t only just adjust or manipulate but educates and guides you to improve your health as well as, your future. The treatments are incredible, Staff kind and knowledgeable made me to comeback. Thank you Desert Physical Medicine! Thank you Dr.Cazares!

Dak H.
I found this place on Yelp. The name says it all. Dr. Cazares was great, as was all the staff, and i liked the setup. I would definately recommend them to anyone in need.

Shelli L.
I LOVE this place! The Dr. , Zel, and the staff are so friendly and accomidating. You can tell they really care and they help you work through the pain. I’ve been to other chiropractors and this is by far the best all around. They are life savers and I’d definitely recommend them.

Tita T.
I am very pleased, impressed and very glad I went to this wonderful chiropractor today. He spent almost 3 hours with me. I wont go into my issues I had with my old Chiro, just so glad my friends recommended him to me. He makes sure you understand what is going on with your injury, he spends quality time asking many many questions, which helps him to diagnose you properly, he explains your MRI in laymans terms but gets to the bottom of the injury, once he has all the info and does all the test, then he starts his treatment, which includes, many treatments including massage on the affected area, TENS treatment, heat treatment and then finally your taylored manipulation….he is my new chiro and I highly recommend him.

A R.
Dr. Cazares and his team are excellent. I’ve been to other chiropractors and he is the best, I look forward to going there each visit and leave feeling great.

Liesel A.
Life’s everyday stresses brought about much stress and pain to my neck down to my lower back. Desert Physical Medicine massaged all that pain and stress away! It is great to have a homeopathic chiropractic office in our desert! I can not emphasize how great the staff is! They are courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, and you will leave feeling a million times better!

Courtney L.
Dr. Marco, Zel and his staff are first class! The doctor gave me his full attention, asked questions and spent and hour with me to figure out what’s really going on. I then had a great session with more than just and adjustment. To top it off,the doctor called the next day to see how I was doing. I am so incredibly happy to have found a doctor who cares and spends time with patients. Best of all I am feeling great and look forward to running again soon!!

A S.
I’m a true testamonl of a job well done. They first started off with my husband, he came in with real back pain. Left with playing golf the next day. Honest, cares about his patients and educates you on everything he is doing. Been going here for three months now. I feel great and healthy, no more tiredness, no more headaches and neck pain. Whenever my employees have lower back pain. They are more then helpful to take care of them, and they return back to work feeling better.